Top quality swingarm & hidraulic motors for swing-open gates of all sizes.

R3 - DOMESTIC ROTARY SWING GATE MOTOR The R3 rotary arm swing gate motor remains the logical choice for applications where the gate pillar is very wide and will not accommodate the VECTOR2 linear drive system. It can handle domestic gates up to 3.

R5 - DOMESTIC AND LIGHT-INDUSTRIAL ROTARY SWING GATE MOTOR The smooth operator for swing gates The CENTURION R5 rotary swing gate motor is well suited for higher volume sites such as entrances to housing estates and business parks. It can handl

VECTOR2 - DOMESTIC AND LIGHT-INDUSTRIAL LINEAR SWING GATE MOTORS Let Best Security help you with the best option for your dream automated swing gate. Not only do we supply the VECTOR2 at a great price, we also do installations and the setup of the